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Club Statement: Premier Division Title

(March 03, 2019)

Following on from yesterday's set of results which blew open the ESFL Premier Division title race, there has been much speculation on how the league title will be decided should 2 or more sides finish level on points. 

The reason for this speculation has mainly arisen due to the fact that Sidley United have had three matches forfeited against us this season (Bexhill A.A.C x2 and St Leonards Social) whilst Battle Baptists have had one forfeited match (Bexhill A.A.C) whereas Bexhill Town have not had any.

The ESFL, under direction by the FA, have in those forfeited matches awarded the three points but no goals. Naturally this has put Sidley United at a disadvantage in relation to our title rivals and it has been speculated that the league will not be decided on goal difference as a result of this imbalance. 

However, following correspondence from the league today, we have been informed that regardless of forfeited matches the league title WILL be decided on goal difference should two sides finish level on points. If goal difference is also equal, then goals scored will then determine who is crowned the winner. 

Whilst disappointed that we have been negatively affected through no fault of our own, the purpose of this statement is not to debate the rules but to end the widespread speculation and provide certainty ahead of the final fixtures. We now know what we need to do if we are to clinch the title. 

We hope that the outcome of the title is not decided on goal difference as we believe the winners, whoever that turns out to be, should be determined through their sporting success and results achieved on the pitch. 

The club will make no further comment on this matter. 

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