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Unhappy start at the Gullivers

(September 21, 2010)

Sidley Crest

It was not a happy first game of the season at the Gullivers for the Blues as they were unable to follow up on there victory against St Francis Rangers two weeks earlier in a Jeckyl and Hyde performance against the same opposition tonight.

The first half saw a blues side looking a good form, Tight defensivley and pacey going forward complimenting good work rate all over the hosts should have had more to show than Matt Dadswell only goal of the first half.

The blues were made to pay for there innability to kill off Rangers in the first half and within 15 minutes of the restart the visitors had struck four goals thanks in the main to school boy defending.

After the crazy 15 minutes the blues were again back on the front foot but only had Liam Miles's close range finish to show for there efforts. Alot to work on defensively with 9 goals conceded in two games, which will hurt Lambert more than anything with himself being a centre half by trade. It will need to be adressed by Saturday when league leaders Crawley Down are the visitors.

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